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Most marriage counselors agree that communication can either make or break a relationship. Couples who know how to effectively and openly communicate with each other experience fulfilled relationships, empathy and true intimacy with their spouses. But on the other hand, those who don’t are likely to experience a buildup of anger, frustration and resentment.

It is true that effective communication in a marriage is mission critical for a successful relationship. By freely communicating with your spouse, you open the doors to nourishing and growing your relationship. Though it can be challenging, learning to love and respecting your spouse and communicating with them in an intimate way can make your marriage a truly beautiful union.


finance accountability

One frequently overlooked dynamic of successful marriages is mutual accountability between husband and wife. Couples who are mutually accountable to one another are transparent about their money and finances. Financial issues are an often-cited reason for marital conflict. This is largely because many do not exercise mutual accountability in this important area of married life. Bishop Mitch & Lady Alissa Robinson will present practices regarding spending, credit, debt, bills, banking, budgeting, and so forth keeping in mind that all must be open for discussion and cooperatively agreed upon.


When you experience deep intimacy with your beloved partner, your face glows, and your heart sings. You feel connected in your spirit and soul. This weekend is designed for each participant to reconnect as a couple, ignite your relationship, and awaken your senses. Elder Lee & Lady Carmen Joyner will bless us with a message where you will gain invaluable tools and practices to build deeper intimacy (and keep it alive). Let’s transform your relationship into the love affair you know it can be.

Blended Families

When two families come together to form one blended family, they are coming from different households with different rules, different traditions, and different ways of doing things. It is crucial that children are helped through the massive changes they will experience during the transition to a new, blended family life. Cooperation, patience, and communication will be key. Children must feel accepted and secure in the love of both parent and step-parent. Rules for discipline should be set up and enforced fairly for all the children.

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